Garage door opener and its types

Garage door opener is an important component of door system, which along with providing the simple opening and closing function can also enhance the security through its safety features. As the name depicts, the main function of this device is opening and closing the door. Though the door can be opened manually, but its functionality is much enhanced with the use of an opener. Also, the garage doors are much heavy to be lifted on your own; so all the doors, whether they are small or big, are incorporated with an opener. 

Garage door openers come with two types of controls- remote control and an electric switch control. The switch is mainly fixed on the wall whereas the remote can be taken anywhere. Thus, the openers with remote controls are much flexible to use as you can open the door while sitting in your car and can park the car in. Further, it depends on your choice and budget that which one you want to choose, but the remote control openers are trendy nowadays and recommended due to their enhanced features.

Types of garage door openers

Garage door openers are mainly of three types which we are going to explain below.

  1. Chain drive

Chain drive openers are the most common and least expensive of all the three types. This type of opener uses a chain for applying the required force. The advantage of this type of opener is that they are affordable and reliable. Looking on its drawbacks, there is only one that they produce much noise. So, you should avoid using chain drive opener, if your garage is attached to your house.

  1. Belt drive

The functioning of belt drive openers is same as that of chain drive openers, but in these a belt is used in the place of chain. The noise produced by these openers is less as belt doesn’t get scratched on the trolley like chain does. They are perfect for attached garages due to their less-noise, but are expensive than other types of openers.

  1. Screw drive

In screw drive, a threaded steel rod is used for moving the trolley, which in turn opens and closes the garage door. Screw drive opener is incorporated with less number of components than other two types, so it requires less maintenance. However, screw drive openers make more noise than the belt but less than that of chain drive openers.

Whichever type you choose, a regular maintenance is always in demand. You can ensure its maintenance on your own or can hire professional services. And whenever, you encounter any issue with your garage door opener, you should call the garage door repair professionals for ensuring the correct detection and fixing of the issue. No matter the problem is big or small; you are always required to hire the professional services as there may be the need of garage door opener replacement or even a single repair can bring it back to the working condition. Also, professional services will ensure the efficient working of other door parts.